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Meet The Team

Our Team

Muhammad Naveed Azhar


The visionary leader of the company, guiding its strategic direction and inspiring teams to achieve their best.

Mashal Amir Ali


Acting as the Director of Marketing of Runway Advertising Pakistan, she is a strategic leader responsible for shaping the company’s brand identity and market positioning.

Syed Ahsan Aziz

Sr. Creative Designer

An artist. Loves illustration and playing video games. Born in the 90s, living in the 80s. Synthwave music admirer.

Syeda Waliya Noor

Creative Manager

A passionate dream documentarian with an insatiable love for films, music, and art. An artistic soul and a keen eye for storytelling.

Muhammad Ali Khan

Creative Designer

A thoughtful and memorable designer. Focuses on the bigger picture, sometimes the small details too, and empathic storytelling.

Muhammad Rahim Ali

Content Creator

Multi-talented content creator. A huge football and cricket fan. Sneakerhead, a YouTuber, and a part-time singer.

Sana Kouser

Social Media Manager

A Social butterfly who loves to travel. A foodie and a makeup freak, who loves music, coffee, and pasta.

Zayyad Khan Ghauri

Communications/ Account Manager

An old soul. Fantasy Football content creator on Youtube. A guy in love with food and has some anger issues.

Marium Ghani Sultan

Account Manager

A foodie and a chai lover. Enjoys being imaginative, is a constant music listener and is the office clown.

Laiba Waqar

PR Executive

Caffeine addict, a makeup freak, and a day dreamer. Selfless, sarcastic, and oh-so savage. Can eat parmesan chicken all day, every day.

Syeda Fizza Shah

PR Executive

A beauty buff, a caffeine addict and a foodie.